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Acne healing essential pack


It’s a luxurious organic handmade facial treatment pack to reduce oily complexion & help acne healing with aromatherapy wellness for body, mind & soul. It's a simple treatment handmade in Australia from fresh extra virgin olive oil harvested in Victoria, enhanced with other organic healing ingredients and Australian therapeutic essential oils, as below:
1. Acne Care facial cleansing bar to cleanse face am & pm
(or with Vibrant bar, for gentle exfoliating facial cleansing to enhance)
2. Soothing Night treatment Serum for acne healing & help clarify old acne mark
3. Soothing Essence for moisturizing day protection

You can add your body & facial treatment with
-Soothing Body Serum for Acne (essential for bad acne), is more than just body oil.
-Soothing Mist to help reduce oily complexion, tone and refresh.
-Clarifying Acne Mask to enhance skin recovery (optional).

We don't use any instant base so they are FREE of mineral oil, synthetic chemicals, paraben preservatives, artificial fragrance, artificial colour, SPF, SLS, soap detergent, lanolin, animal fat or its derivatives and not tested on animal. We guarantee you they are also halal, suitable for vegan and vegetarian. 

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Beauty care set for normal, mix type


Effective facial treatment, rich in natural anti-oxidants and aromatherapy wellness to stimulate skin improvement & rejuvenation for normal tends to oily, combination, sensitive skin, easy to apply:

  • 110g Youth Delight facial cleansing bar
  •  50 ml Intensive Care hydrating Moisturizer for day moisturizing and protection
  •  50 ml Silver Night Nourishing Serum for Intensive Care night facial treatment

We offer a special gift with this pack. Use am & pm, only takes a few minutes in the morning to recharge your skin & mind. In the evening, enjoy the luxury to relax your tired face & mind with facial cleansing before applying the night serum. Each product comes with information, easy to apply. Immediate youthful glow and softer skin. Vegetarian, no nuts oil.

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Men Choice Wood Spice S


 An excellent moisturizer to match with Wood Spice cleansing bar, for all skin types including sensitive. It has an imposing and interesting individual character and perfume changes according to skin type. It's practical & effective for everyone, a couple, day & night application, non-greasy, very absorbent & hydrating tired skin. It may be applied around eyes. Anyone needs this moisturizer to help nourish skin at all seasons. No SPF. Sunscreen cream may be applied on top of it.

It’s handmade from the 1st certified organic cold pressed Victorian extra virgin olive oil, rich in anti-oxidants enhanced with healing plant hydrosol, Australian golden Jojoba oil, certified organic Shea Butter, a selection of soothing ingredients, plant emulsifier, natural beeswax, plant extracts, vegetable glycerine, aromatherapy essential oils including Cedarwood, Grapefruit, precious Australian Blue Cypress and AusieOlive exclusive Essential oils. 50ml Silver jar.

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Organic Beauty Set RW


It's an organic practical aromatherapy facial set to help really reduce wrinkles, rich in natural anti-oxidants and aromatherapy wellness to stimulate, nourish & rejuvenate for normal dry, mature and sensiitive skin:

• 110g Fresh Facial Prides Delight cleansing bar
• 50 ml X-tra Care hydrating Moisturizer for day moisturizing and protection
• 50 ml X-Tra Care Gold Night Nourishing Serum 

This is a special pack price. It takes a few minutes in the morning & evening to recharge your skin & mind. Each product comes with information, easy to apply. Immediately glow and softer skin. The pack is suitable for Vegetarian & vegan.   

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Organic Country Fusion Trio lot


This is a lot of 3 cleansing bars organically handmade from the best Victorian Olive oil, Coconut oil, Lye, our specially blended oils, organic Australian essential oils with citrus and rosemary botanical. This olive handmade cleansing bar is also excellent for muscle pain and body tiredness..

The natural scent is fantastic, cleansing & energising body & mind, it cleanses deeply, relaxes muscles, can be useful to reduce rash caused by midges or tiny bugs we can't see, soften skin marks caused by these bugs bites, helps and eliminates foot bad smell. The soap tray is not included. Price is per lot of 3 bars of 80g when it's made, 86 g with box for shipping. It’s suitable for halal, Vegetarian & vegan.

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Organic Beauty set


All natural facial beauty set for all skin types tends to dry, sensitive & mature skin to immediately obtain beautiful smooth skin with glow regardless the age. It's a luxury organic facial treatment, simple and easy to apply. It helps nourish, rejuvenate and soften complexion with all natural anti-oxidants to stimulate recovery & aromatherapy wellness to relax, invigorate & indulge body & mind. The set is as below :

• 110g Fresh Facial Delight beauty aromatherapy olive cleansing bar, soap free and the best natural cleansing bar to cleanse and revive skin beauty glow, cleanse naturally and adds moisture
• 50 ml X-tra Care rejuvenating organic Olive cream for day moisturizing and protection
• 50 ml Night Beauty Cream of Roses (rejuvenating beauty recovery night treatment).

This is a special offer price (total normal price is $125.30).
It takes a few minutes in the morning & evening for beneficial facial beauty care that will surround you with aromatherapy wellness for mind & spirit. Each product comes with information, easy to apply and obtain immediate glow with softer, brighter skin. The pack is halal, suitable for Vegetarian & vegan. 

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