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Welcome to AusieOlive®, Australian Olive organic soaps, facial & body care, handmade in Australia from high quality Australian extra virgin olive oil harvested in Victoria as our major oil enriched with more beneficial organic ingredients including organic Australian essential oils without chemical additives. Our Australian handmade olive products are all natural, excellent for daily use or on special occasion to help naturally improve skin, moisturize, rejuvenate, with added benefits to stimulate body system, recharge or restore body & mind so we feel good & refreshed every day.

Our all natural recipes are suitable for limited handmade organic batches which need accuracy & patience, a time consuming method with optimum benefits of naturally caring Spa wellness to help nourish body & mind. What difference does it make? Our organic olive products are like homemade natural meals or jams or cheese from raw ingredients of which are superior to the mass produced ones or anything made from instant base.

We should help our body to cope better with unstable climate, or recover from daily wears & tears or reduce emotional stress naturally. Our luxury olive products for daily use are as below:

*Australian handmade organic olive skin care for all skin types including the most sensitive one. They are all natural with rejuvenating ingredients & organic essential oils to help improve skin with more goodness for our body & mind. They include organic olive facial cleansers, olive moisturizers, olive creams, olive masks, olive gels, olive serums, body beauty oils, baby oils, natural relief for arthritic pain, muscle pain & hay fever.

*Australian handmade organic Olive Castile soaps & aromatherapy olive bar to shower daily in natural luxury with added benefits to refresh, spoil sense, energize or relax body & mind. They're all soap free, handmade from 100% oils & lye where we need 2 to 3 months maturing time to obtain solid lasting olive bars that cleanse deeply, rich in its own natural glycerine, add moisture, enhance protection & leave us with smooth skin naturally. Our Olive Hair Shampoos are excellent to help improve scalp and enhance hair growth. Everyday shower with all natural goodness of our cleansing bar is a true luxury.

Our organic Australian olive soaps & olive skin care are handmade luxury products with a lot to offer. They are always sold in AusieOlive® green gold recyclable original boxes with trade mark on it.

They're all natural, organic, soap free, chemical free, environmentally friendly, carbon footprint friendly & naturally biodegradable. Our products are FREE of animal fat or its derivatives, lanolin, SLS, sulphates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic color, synthetic preservatives, paraben, mineral oils, aluminium substances, micro plastics, SPF & chemical additives. They’re not tested on animal, suitable for vegetarians, vegan friendly & halal. The nut oil is indicated.

AusieOlive® is a registered trademark of Barlies Pty Ltd, Australian family owned business since 2000. This website content, description & photos are copyright © to Barlies Pty Ltd (authorized use only).


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