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We wish to welcome & introduce you to our AusieOlive® Australian olive aromatherapy skincare, a complete selection of top quality, all natural organic olive products handmade in Australia by small batches cold process from Australian extra virgin olive oil (1st cold pressed from fresh Victorian harvest olive fruits without chemicals).

Our olive aromatherapy facial & body care are exclusively designed with luxury that can only be produced by organic handmade process straight from high quality fresh ingredients without using any pre-made base and synthetic/chemical additives. Each one has specific wellness for the purpose and it’s significantly shown on skin & body.

These natural genuine benefits are essential & important to us. Certainly our organic production method takes time and requires accuracy & patience. We believe this way we produce optimum wellness with natural Spa soothing values to nourish our senses.

They have been really helping us to sustain naturally. Our products are very helpful daily for any season, anyone, busy person, pre-occupied mind, infants, kids, teenagers to enhance study & during variable weather conditions. Our current life style is instant, quick and surrounded by electronic devices, we believe it will be essential for us to relax, de-stress & recharge naturally. Our natural home spa collection or products allow us for this purpose and to indulge, invigorate or inspire daily at very affordable cost. They are as below:

*Top quality Olive Skincare Essentials range include rejuvenating, soothing and caring benefits which are hardly found in chemical base olive products. We produce a complete selection of all natural facial & body care for all skin types at any age including baby or the most sensitive one. Our products of this range include olive baby oils, olive cleansers, olive creams, olive masks, olive gels, olive serums, olive beauty oils, olive massage oil, olive relief oils and aromatherapy mists. They are excellent for facial & body therapy such as to treat acne & oily complexion, help reduce wrinkles & sagging skin, clarify spots, brighten & revive skin glow, relief arthritic & muscle pains or help comfort baby & infants.

*72 types top quality organic Australian olive handmade soaps and Australian aromatherapy beauty cream cleansing bars. We produce from the best fresh organic ingredients including botanicals, essential oils, herbs, spices, Australian clays and Lye (no pre-made/instant or noodle soap base); thus we require 8 weeks process so the lye water is completely gone and we're left with excellent cleansing bars that last. Each aromatherapy cleansing bar is uniquely formulated to shower in luxury, beneficial for body system, adds skin moisture, spoils senses, energizes or relaxes body, mind and spirit. Our excellent handmade quality can be appreciated as we wash hands or in the shower. Our skin feels so smooth, moisturized and our body, mind & spirit feel very refreshed with natural healing qualities.

Our products are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, carbon footprint friendly. We don't use instant base, mineral oil, synthetic chemicals / paraben preservatives, artificial fragrance / colour, SPF, SLS / soap detergent, lanolin / animal fat and not tested on animal. Most products and all soaps are vegan & vegetarian friendly.

AusieOlive® is a registered trade mark of Barlies Pty Ltd, Australian owned company since 2000. This website content, description & photos are copyright © to Barlies Pty Ltd (authorized use only).


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