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We share our experience in this section that may contribute to your own consideration for what is best for you. We should pay more attention to our skin before it's too late as the skin is the major part of our body organ. When we’re younger, our body seems to cope with everything. However, as we age we need to give more care to our skin because our body system works differently. Where to start? A basic facial & body care starts with cleansing where Extra Virgin Olive oil is the best for it due to the oil obtention natural process.

When we're not at prime condition it may show up through the hair, face, or body skin. Healthy skin shows glow from inside out. It is built with our life style such as regular exercise, healthy diet & enough fibers, more veggies, fruits, legumes, proportional meat & fishes, most importantly, less processed foods. Extra virgin olive oil is an excellent addition to our diet because it’s obtained from the 1st cold pressed without chemicals. AusieOlive® with natural wellness of olive oil and essential oils promotes a good looking skin with glow at any age.

I personally believe that it would be better for us to forget synthetic hair coloring because it can cause fragile hair condition or gradually loosing hairs (of which condition can happen to many). I feel better without it and we hope many will feel better without synthetic hair color.


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