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Lise Baker and Barry Baker

AusieOlive ® is a registered trademark of our company, Barlies P/L established on January 2000. We produce all natural organic Australian olive facial & body aromatherapy care. We are registered with NICNAS (number 11969).

AusieOlive® was born years ago as a result of passion, devotion & commitment for sustainable natural living style that have been helping the founders recovery from health issues. They are very happy to receive excellent comment from customers & friends. Their high quality organic olive facial & body care with aromatherapy wellness are produced by genuine organic handmade method from the best Australian grown fresh ingredients and organic Australian essential oils. They have been excellent to refresh, rejuvenate and protect their body, soul & spirit. They hope they are beneficial for you too.

One of the founders, Barry Baker, mechanical engineer, has an extensive learning curve about natural products & healthy life style. He has the first hand experience with AusieOlive® products that have been helping him immensely to manage and improve from Rheumatoid Arthritis. He’s back to active life style with aromatherapy environment daily of which has been helping him to relax, release stress & lately recover from cancer treatment. He appreciates all natural products more than ever.

Lise Baker, the person behind AusieOlive has been very lucky to inherit the knowledge of traditional roots, herbs & all natural healing from her family in spices island of Java. Her interest in aromatherapy was initiated in France around 80’s where she lived for a number of years. Her extensive professional experiences & career include executive position in a number of multi national companies have been a great asset for her. She also served a number of years in a foreign representation office with 2 Merit Awards for her exceptional & distinguished contribution for the effectiveness & efficiency of the Public Service. She gained more knowledge from years of experiences with a leading French pharmaceuticals company and a major American skincare formulator & producer.

Both founders are very dedicated to their current endeavors and they truly love being surrounded by natural wellness everyday.

AusieOlive® features great quality with unique natural character that imposes time, accuracy and patience in making them because they are all organically handmade straight from fresh oils without using any soap base, cream base and chemical additives.

Therefore all products are FREE from Sodium Laurel Sulphate, other sulphates, soap, mineral oils, chemical additives, artificial colors, artificial fragrance, also FREE from animal fat, not tested on animal, halal, good for vegetarian and most are suitable for vegan.

AusieOlive® organic olive products are all handmade in Australia to help sustain comfortable living daily with aromatherapy wellness for body, mind & spirit.


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