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Lise Baker and Barry Baker

AusieOlive ® is a registered trademark of our company, Barlies P/L established on January 2000. We produce Australian olive facial & body treatment products with a registration certificate from NICNAS (number 11969).

We wish to share our story with you. Following our own health issues and years of significant efforts AusieOlive® is born. Its extensive product development has been a result of our passion, devotion & commitment.

We need our products daily and we are grateful & delighted to hear excellent feedbacks from our friends & customers. We believe in a high quality natural facial & body therapy to help improve our body daily from free radical damage. We hope more will join us to enjoy the gift from our environment so natural products can be more appreciated and may AusieOlive® be the one of your choice.

One of the founders, Barry Baker, mechanical engineer, has an extensive learning curve about natural products & healthy life style. He has the first hand experience with AusieOlive® products that have been helping him immensely to manage and improve from Rheumatoid Arthritis. He’s back to active life style with aromatherapy environment daily and he believes that have been helping him to relax and release stress a lot after his cancer recovery treatment. He appreciates all natural products more than ever.

Lise Baker, the person behind AusieOlive is fond of natural healing. Her interest in aromatherapy has been initiated in France around 80’s where she lived for a number of years. Her extensive professional experiences & career include executive position in a number of multi national companies as well as foreign representation office where she received 2 Merit Awards for exceptional & distinguished contribution for the effectiveness & efficiency of the Public Service. She gained more knowledge of health and skincare area from years of experience with a leading French pharmaceuticals and American skincare companies. She speaks and writes Indonesian, French, and English.

Our natural quality assurances
AusieOlive® features an art of traditional handmade from oils, raw ingredients and essential oils without using the soap/cream base. We implement the organic handmade method without chemical additives to produce effective natural products that imposes a lot of time, precision & patience. You notice the difference because they are SLS free, soap free, mineral oils free, animal fat free, no chemical additives, no artificial colours, no artificial fragrance and not tested on animal. Most products are suitable for vegetarian and vegan.

Fresh and high quality raw materials are essential for us, thus we select the Victorian best Extra Virgin Olive oils, other locally produced ingredients including Australian native essential oils. Traditional handmade from fresh oils with aromatherapy wellness is the main character of AusieOlive® to reflect the healing power from our nature for body, mind & spirit.

AusieOlive® will always be all natural aromatherapy skincare handmade FROM Extra Virgin Olive oil in harmony with other botanical ingredients & essential oils. This is essential for customers who love natural life style and wish to improve their general wellbeing with all natural products.


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