AusieOlive Body Treat


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Energizing body cleansing treat with light fresh citrus aroma and sensual woody tone. It's soothing for muscles aches and pains with first cold pressed Victorian extra virgin Olive oil, added Palm oil, Coconut oil, moisturizing Apricot Kernel oil, Castor oil, Grape seed oil, a sprinkle of turmeric spice, purifying Grapefruit, calming Mandarin Australian, sensual scent of Patchouli and our specialty essential oils. Soap tray is not included (see accessories). 110g when made. 115g with box. Vegetarian.

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AusieOlive Melissa Treat


NEW. This body cleansing bar has excellent aromatherapy detoxification effects, relieve anxiety, reduce body stress, improve emotional state for peace and acceptance, get a good sleep. Use alternately with Seductive Rose to help un-block anxiety disorder, depression (when you finish with this bar continue with Seductive Rose).

It features body wash luxury with vitamins, minerals, trace elements of wheatgrass, natural anti-oxidants of Victorian 1st cold pressed extra virgin Olive oil, Coconut oil, moisturizing Macadamia Australian, Apricot Kernel oil & golden Jojoba oil to assist skin disorder, improve elasticity. No Palm oil, vegetarian.

It comes with stimulating aroma of Melissa, Neroli, Frankincense, our specialty essential oils. Melissa essential oil is said to revive the vital spirit of your body, regain positive outlook. Due to the current busy life style environment, it’s good for every one, or traveller. 107g when made, gross weight is 115g. 

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AusieOlive Rose and Honeysuckle


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It cleanses and re-charges energy in your shower with the self healing aroma of flowers. The aroma doesn't strike the nose, but the healing power is there because the flowers are used in the past to perfume bath and olive oil is an ancient ingredient to beautify the skin. They are all in this bar to indulge our body & mind. It features Honeysuckle flowers said to help release body toxin, nervous tension, stimulate energy, improve circulatory system with essential oils of Rose, Tuberose absolutes, Geranium & Neroli for skin elasticity, softness, and soothe body aches & pains.

All our bars come with natural lather & cleansing power because they are handmade with the traditional cold process from Victorian extra virgin olive oil combined in harmony in this olive bar with Sweet Almond oil, Australian golden Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, sustainable Palm oil, Castor oil. It’s suitable for vegetarian and vegan. Weight when made 110g, 115g for the freight.

Our recommendation for exhausted body and aches & pains: use this bar + our Body Treatment Massage Oil and or Muscles Oil (a full guidance to apply them is our booklet).

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AusieOliveŽ Muscle Oil


A top quality organic Olive relief to treat sore muscles, sore wrists after working on computer a day long, back pain, legs tiredness after shopping or doing house works or standing all day at work. It helps to quickly release muscle strain and tension, of which may be also helpful before and after training or exercise. A regular application helps rebuild muscle strength (of which can be beneficial for Rheumatoid Arthritis too).

All natural handmade from organic Victorian extra virgin olive oils combined with luxurious soothing oils and AusieOlive exclusive essential oils following our family traditional concept for sore muscle relief & care. It's easy to apply, absorbent, not greasy, not oily, it doesn't clog skin pore, doesn't leave mark on clothing, with a pleasant scent with essential oils aromatherapy to relax body & spirit. It's amazing for the following conditions:
• Very quick relief from legs cramps!
• Relieve muscle pain
• Reduce & relieve back pain
• Reduce swollen ankles
• Reduce & relieve sore shoulders, arms
• Help to have a deep sleep
• Relieve sore wrists
• Release body tension and stress, comfort and relax

Customer’s feedback: it's excellent for my mum whose knee has been operated because she doesn't need hip replacement as previously suggested by her doctor (she's 91 this year and still active with style without stick)! - it relieves my tired legs after a day on high heels ~ relax my wrists & feet after a long day at work ~ it relieves my legs cramp quickly ~ amazing product, it works for my muscle pains ~ it helps me to gain back muscle strength after using both Move Oil & Muscle Oil in my case with rheumatoid arthritis ~ it's good for my back muscle pain ~ it helps me for a deep sleep & shoulder pains ~ it's good after routine exercise and many more. 120ml. 160g with box for shipping, it’s suitable for Vegetarian and vegan.

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