AusieOlive Lava


This aromatherapy bar is a great body wash, comforting, warming with gentle exfoliation, has earthy citrus refreshing scent of Australian Lemon Gum and Lemon Myrtle with balancing Cedarwood aromatherapy essential oils. It contains first cold pressed Victorian extra virgin olive oil, Palm oil, Coconut oil, moisturizing Apricot Kernel oil, Australian Macademia oil with a sprinkle turmeric spice on top, and deep cleansing Australian organic Clays. Soap tray is not included (see accessories). 108g when made, 115g for shipping. Vegetarian.

After showering your body feels warm, relax and comfortable, continue with our body soothing oils application. Enjoy.

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AusieOliveŽ Move Oil


A top quality natural recovery treatment for Arthritic pains on your hands, knees, toes, hips, shoulders, including Rheumatoid Arthritis. There is no age barrier when it concerns body pain that could affect both younger and older persons. This body soothing care has been helping us, relatives and customers to gain the strength back and quickly reduce the pain. It’s an excellent early care to help the body pain to degenerate to acute Arthritis.

It’s all natural, handmade from the best organic Victorian extra virgin olive oils, Australian golden Jojoba oil, beneficial body treatment oils and synergistic essential oils for body pains treatment & care. It's easy to apply, absorbent, not greasy, not oily, it doesn't clog skin pores, doesn't leave mark on clothing and it has a soothing aromatherapy for body & mind. Move free without pain is a luxury! Only a few drops is really helpful for:

• Pain relief of knees, fingers, toes, including arthritic one!
• Relax and cool inflamed joints
• Refrain joints deformation
• Reduce swollen knees, elbows
• Release body tension and stress
• Comfort and relax
• Regain strength
• Beneficial for preventive measures

You should check AusieOlive Muscle Oil & FeelBetter Oil that helps one with fragile joints such as sportive person, footballer & senior.

Customer’s feedback: it works better than anything in the market. It's a miracle I can move my fingers. It's amazing I can walk without pain. It's a fantastic product, after applying I get better every day. It's easy to use, immediate relief. It's amazing relief for my swollen knees. It's not oily & I feel a quick relief. It helps reduce painful fingers quickly. It helps me to walk without pain and my knees are back to normal they are not swelling up. It helps me walk down the street again as I recover from knee operation, and many more. 120ml. 160g with box for shipping, it’s suitable for Vegetarian and vegan.

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