Organic Olive Cream

7th Oct, 2013

Consumers should be paying more attention to how the cream is made, not just looking at its commercial indicators or certification of which add cost to your product. Most branded cream are produced for a mass profit making rather than benefits to support costly marketing campaigns. Seasonal models put forward to attract consumers. That shows you how much money is actually going to making product. Chemical cream base with paraben, glycols etc is cheaper and most common way to make cream (just add a tiny bit natural ingredients because too much natural content won’t be stable for mass production). Due to this technical reason, mass produced olive creams in the market may contain only up to 3% of olive oil so when you apply this cream your face looks very dry or oily as the skin reacts to it and try to protect you.

Our AusieOlive® olive creams are true organic, all natural handmade from the best Victorian extra virgin olive oil combined in harmony with the required beauty rejuvenating ingredients and essential oils. We focus our spending on fresh and best natural ingredients. Our products are true organic literally and meaningfully because we don't use any cream base, we don’t use chemicals, thus our natural ingredients are all active. The way we make it and synergy of our natural ingredients show benefits to skin (olive oil alone with the cream base won’t work the same way because the actual benefits of small amount natural ingredients are over powered by synthetics).

When we’re young our body system performs better for skin regeneration so any cream seems to work. However, as we age, our body needs help to do the same job. We have to look after our skin with the best performing products and our daily skin treatment is an investment to improve its appearance. When you invest in our cream you will be rewarded every time. Sunscreen content means using chemical and we don’t wish to have it so our products are SPF free to help effectively protect & moisturize your skin (on top you can apply SPF content make up or powder). We price our products competitively with friendly fashion because it doesn’t actually reflect the time and efforts to make each one (copyright to AusieOlive).


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