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15th Jun, 2013

AusieOlive® website has a great choice of all natural olive products for all ages including baby and seniors. It is the best place to shop all natural & organic olive products.

We produce our aromatherapy skincare by one continuous organic handmade process exclusively from fresh Australian extra virgin olive oil in balance synergy with luxurious treatment oils and essential oils. Each olive product presents luxury features with a unique natural formulation that imposes time with accuracy in its making to guarantee optimum wellness of our natural ingredients.

AusieOlive® aromatherapy products are rich in natural goodness. We believe in our natural concept for facial & body therapies because they have been helping us, relatives, friends, customers and hopefully you will like them too. You could contact us for your specific requirements including those with cancer treatment.

We only use top quality & beneficial natural ingredients because they can contribute to our wellbeing and our Spa pampering essential oils nourish body, mind and spirit. We have our own solid reason for NOT using synthetics, chemical additives, synthetic preservatives, artificial colouring, fragrant oils (that may contain phthalates to anchor strong aroma), animal fat, mineral oil, lanolin and our products are not tested on animal.

Our packaging has been designed to protect our products, environmentally friendly and it’s unique to AusieOlive®.

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