Organic Olive Soaps

6th Oct, 2014

Common handcrafted olive soaps (with exception to some) are made of commercial or instant soap base at lower risk & cost, also easier and faster to make "natural soap". Most instant natural soap bases are made of palm derivatives, may include animal fat, detergent SLS, foam enhancers, chemical additives, colours, artificial fragrance with a bit of olive oil or olive pomace oil (for instant olive soap base). The soap base can also include micro plastic (for exfoliating substances), aluminium substances, Propylene Glycol, Sorbitol, Sodium Stearate, Sulphates and other chemicals.

Olive soap that claims handmade with 100% olive oil could mean handmade of soap base with 100% olive oil added (up to maximum 3% in a large batch or up to 10% handcrafted small batch). Common Olive castile soap with rich lather can be handmade of any olive soap base as above. There is nothing wrong with it however customers need to know about the content in order to have the choice to protect themselves. AusieOlive genuine Olive Castile soap produces relatively light creamy lather that cleanses dirt and grease very well.

Our organic olive soaps & aromatherapy cleansing bar are excellent for wellbeing. They also present aromatherapy wellness for body, mind & spirit because they are all natural, organically handmade by cold process straight from Australian Olive oil as our major ingredient enriched with other botanical ingredients and essential oils including the Australian native ones. We are committed to traditional cold process handmade method straight from oils & lye water because it's the best way to make olive soaps (copyright to AusieOlive).

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