Olive Oil & Aromatherapy Wellness

27th Feb, 2013

AusieOlive® naturally organic skincare with aromatherapy wellness
Each AusieOlive skin care has its specific wellness of natural Spa ingredients designed for it. We offer a solution for various skin conditions with Australian extra virgin olive oil, botanical oils and essential oils to assist skin improvement  & recovery from inside out. There's more to appreciate from our specialty product ranges for specific skin requirement. You need to try in order to know about it and appreciate the difference.

Understanding the difference

We know some tablets have side effects to skin similarly with synthetic (man-made) ingredients that reduce self capacity to regenerate better skin protection, so the skin surface becomes very fragile, prone to irritation. Accumulative effects of chemical additives or synthetics are irritated skin, premature ageing, acne, pimples, dull skin and more. Such conditions need full attention in order not to look older than your age. We need to read the ingredients, not only paying attention to the active or key ingredients, yet forget to check the rest. Organic and natural are often marketing tools so don’t waste your skin care un-used in the drawer; protect your wallet with taking time to know more about the product before you buy, our skin & hair absorb whatever we put on it. The following information can be handy.

Natural skincare and natural soaps are priced according to their material and production cost where their variation in price is according to how they are made, their content and benefits. The cost of natural oils & essential oils depends on type, grade, purity, method of obtaining the oil. Natural handmade soaps with highly valued oils will reflect on the product costing, because they take more time to make and involve higher cost of ingredients.

Naturally derived ingredients don't give similar wellness with their natural state of origin. Flower fragrant oils are synthetically made for their stronger aroma at lower cost, yet they don't contain natural wellness, can be irritating to skin. Essential oils obtained from flowers are pricy, contain pure natural wellness that cannot be copied, where diluted form are often used due to its lower cost. Extra virgin olive oil and essential oils aren't ideal ingredients for a large production scale. Perfectly moulded aromatherapy soaps and olive soaps are often mass-produced although some are costly, you can detect from its aroma, skin softness after using it, benefits and mass target pricing policy.

A window to Aromatherapy

You know the luxury, divine aroma of French perfume such as fashionable & elegant DiorAddict of Christian Dior, a great classic fascination & elegant of Shalimar de Guerlain, or seducing & elegant Samsara de Givenchy. Their aroma is classic, high fashion, elegant as they contain top quality essential oils and flower absolutes (highly aromatic essential oils).

AusieOlive® selects high quality natural ingredients that have been used for centuries in traditional skin care & soothing body care making. Aromatherapy wellness in our skin care helps stimulate positive effects to our mind. Our moisturizer refreshes skin & mind in the morning, night serum care nourishes skin & relax mind in the evening. Morning shower with our aromatherapy bar is cleansing, energizing, while evening shower is also relaxing tired body & mind, to help for better quality sleep. Our aromatherapy bars (except Castile bars) also contain carefully blended synergistic essential oils with anti-bacteria and anti-septic properties, to protect your skin. We select essential oils with respect to their safety guideline and for their beneficial effects to stimulate effective body mechanism which contributes a lot to our wellbeing.

AusieOlive® sustainable existence has been founded on skin friendly ground where it earns a special place in its customer’s heart. One of the founders has been raised with solid awareness of herbal soothing qualities that have been used and passed through generations in her family. She inherits the family traditional knowledge on herbs, roots & spices. She initially produces to help her own family then expands to specialty skin care where all have been proven to be very effective.

Essential Oils, a fountain of youth

Each essential oil contains amazing healing essences that exist in the plant for survival in nature. They are highly valued for their precious properties where their inclusion in AusieOlive skincare is essential for their particular wellness, example we use highly valued absolute essences of sacred lotus, roses, jasmine and precious essential oils such as Australian Blue Cypress, Australian Sandalwood and Fragonia.

The above highly perfuming liquids are extracted from petals such as roses (that needs thousands flowers to produce a small amount of liquid), leaves e.g. Eucalyptus, Bay, woods e.g. Sandalwood, or bark e.g. Cinnamon (it is also obtained from leaves), fruits e.g. Lemon, orange, seeds e.g. Caraway, roots, rhizomes or resin.

Their magical and soothing aroma contribute in relaxing tired body & stressful mind of which we believe are influential to our wellbeing. Their natural healing properties contribute greatly to skin improvement, stimulate rejuvenation of our body, skin and soul. Each essential oil is a fountain of youth with more benefits still yet to discover for our wellness.

Extra Virgin Olive oil, fresh & full of goodness

We are strategically located in Bendigo, central Victoria that has similar climatic condition to Mediterranean region, a good place to grow olives. We breathe to clean air; plenty of oxygen to energize that helps for harvesting excellent olive fruits. You can obtain more goodness with using fresh, good quality Extra Virgin Olive oil. We use olive oils from eco-sustainable farming to obtain the best quality and assure freshness.

Extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the first cold pressing, untreated or without chemicals, a fruity oil, green gold colour, contains essential fatty acids required by the body, rich in antioxidants & vitamins including a high level of vitamin E, Chlorophyll and plant Squalene with moisturizing & anti-ageing benefits, great natural substances for skin regeneration capacity that immensely helps its rejuvenation, prevent premature ageing, diminish wrinkles and more. Studies indicate that a consumption of olive oil may facilitate detoxification that helps prevent from certain diseases including cancer.

AusieOlive® contains extra virgin olive oil with more botanical oils & extracts for their soothing, healing & nourishing qualities, such as golden Jojoba Australian oil, Evening Primrose oil, virgin cold pressed Avocado oil, Calendula infused oil, Sweet Almond oil, Apricot Kernel oil. We have witnessed various improvement on us and customers who have been using them to keep up on improvement and turning back the clock without using botox which is very risky. AusieOlive® has more to offer than just ordinary skincare for all ages. Invest in building better skin today for no regret tomorrow.

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