Olive Oil & Aromatherapy Wellness

26th Dec, 2014

All natural, organic skincare with aromatherapy essential oils wellness
We have been making AusieOlive® products to help our recovery from health issues. They are fantastic to use daily, because we feel like having a luxury DIY Spa daily care at home. Their aromatherapy wellness is very helpful to nourish, rejuvenate and energise us daily. It’s our solution to feel great and stay active on daily basis.

Olive specialty product ranges complete our sustainable living.
Extra virgin olive oil and essential oils aren't suitable for a large production scale and both are great for our wellbeing. Our organic olive aromatherapy cleansing bars are the basic and starting point of our facial & body care. We need them because they help us sustain daily.

Certain tablets and some synthetics have side effects that disturb natural body regeneration process, reduce skin protection, prone to irritation, premature ageing, acne, pimples, dull skin, less hair growth or look older than actual age.

We should be rewarded for looking after our skin and hair properly. Firstly, we should be aware that many aromatherapy soaps and olive soaps around are handcrafted or mass-produced from chemically made soap bases that often dry the skin natural oil. Most wasted money for commercial personal care products because of the attraction to naturally derived active or key ingredients (which are not similar with their original sources). We also forget to check the rest of ingredients such as flower or fruit fragrant oils aren’t natural, they are synthetically made or chemicals.

Essential oils aromatherapy contribute to our wellbeing
Luxurious French perfume such as fashionable & elegant DiorAddict of Christian Dior, a great classic fascination & elegant of Shalimar de Guerlain, or seducing & elegant Samsara de Givenchy. Their aroma is classic, high fashion, elegant as they also include top quality essential oils and flower absolutes (highly aromatic essential oils).

Essential oils have been used for centuries in traditional skin care & soothing body care making. Aromatherapy wellness in our products helps stimulate our body & mind and contribute to our sustainability. Our facial & body aromatherapy bars cleanse, refresh & invigorate our body & mind. Our facial & body care products nourish, rejuvenate and invigorate daily. They facilitate our body system and protect our skin. We select essential oils with respect to their safety guideline and benefits to our wellbeing.

One of AusieOlive® founders has been introduced to healing qualities of plants & olive oil since her childhood. She inherits the family traditional knowledge on herbs, roots & spices. She initially produces to help herself and her family then extended to friends and customers because all have been proven to be very effective.

Essential oils, natural sources of youth

Each essential oil contains amazing healing essences that exist naturally in plant to survive in various conditions. The essential oils precious healing properties have been known and traditionally used since ancient time.

The highly perfuming liquids are extracted from flower petals such as roses (that needs thousands flowers to produce a small amount of liquid), leaves e.g. Eucalyptus, Bay, woods e.g. Sandalwood, or bark e.g. Cinnamon (it is also obtained from leaves), fruits e.g. Lemon, orange, seeds e.g. Caraway, roots, rhizomes or resin.

Their magical and soothing aroma contribute in relaxing tired body & stressful mind of which are influential to our wellbeing. Their natural healing properties stimulate skin improvement, rejuvenate & recharge our body, skin and soul. Each essential oil is a fountain of youth with more benefits still yet to discover.

Extra Virgin Olive oil, fresh & full of goodness
We are strategically located in Bendigo, central Victoria very close to the area where olive trees grow well as we have similar climatic condition to Mediterranean region. Fresh, good quality Extra Virgin Olive oil is essential for us. We use olive oils from eco-sustainable farming to obtain the best quality assurance for freshness.

Extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the first cold pressing, without chemicals, a fruity oil, green gold colour, contains essential fatty acids required by the body, rich in antioxidants & vitamins including a high level of vitamin E, Chlorophyll and plant Squalene with moisturizing & anti-ageing benefits, great natural substances for skin regeneration capacity that helps its rejuvenation, prevent premature ageing, diminish wrinkles and more. Studies indicate that a consumption of olive oil may facilitate detoxification that helps prevent from certain diseases including cancer.

AusieOlive® contains extra virgin olive oil as our major ingredients enriched with other botanical ingredients and high grade essential oils. We feel better everyday and see gradual improvement on ourselves and customers who love our natural organic facial & body care. AusieOlive® has more to offer than just ordinary skincare for all ages. Invest in building better body today for no regret tomorrow.

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