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AusieOlive is about caring our skin with cleansing, nourishing and rejuvenating with all natural way by using handmade Olive skincare

* Cleansing and improving our hair & body in the shower

* Cleansing and rejuvenating our face to show off its natural beauty

* Caring and reducing our body ache & pain 

All our products are handmade in Australia from Australian grown Olive oil, extra virgin olive oil enhanced with other plant ingredients and essential oils. Our skin is nourished with all goodness & anti-oxidants and our mind gets extra benefits.

They're skin friendly and biodegradable, free of synthetics, preservative, mineral oil, SLS, sulfate, glycol, paraben, aluminum, animal fat, lanolin, not tested on animal, suitable for vegan & vegetarian.

AusieOlive® is a registered trademark by Barlies Pty Ltd, our family owned business since 2000. This website content, description & photos are © to Barlies Pty Ltd.


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