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Maternity And After Birth

AusieOlive products recommendation for facial & body skin beauty, soothing care, organic and all natural as below:

Soothing facial and body care during maternity:
• Organic Rose Castile with Jojoba, hair to toe olive cleansing bar.
• Organic Olive Castile Moisturiser for pregnant belly and face.
• Organic Olive Castile, hair to toe olive cleansing bar
• Native Body Beauty, hair to toe body cleansing bar or
• Organic Baby Shampoo with Avocado

After birth, soothing facial and body care:
• Rose Treat, organic olive cleansing bar, relaxing with skin softening qualities
• Fresh Facial Delight, organic olive beauty cleansing bar, nourishing, relaxing properties for skin & senses
• Organic Olive Castile moisturising cream, excellent for stretch mark
• Organic Cream of Roses, facial beauty rejuvenating cream, balancing, relaxing skin & senses, good for new mum and busy person
• Organic Slim Body Beauty Care, soothing body oil, good for stretch mark, use after birth.
• Organic Seductive Rose comfort, calming, relaxing, balancing body & mind, excellent for new mum, busy person, skin softening.
• Organic Hair Fortify Shampoo bar.

Beauty note: We don’t use any essential oils below
anis, arnica, basil, birch, camphor, fennel, hyssop, juniper, marjoram, myrrh, oreganum, pennyroyal, wintergreen.

Organic Rose Castile Jojoba

Organic Rose Castile Jojoba

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Organic Cream of Roses

Organic Cream of Roses

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