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AusieOlive products are organically produced from fresh oils & botanical ingredients. Our products feature the wellness of Australian extra virgin olive oil harvested in Victoria with Australian grown plant oils, herbs, botanicals & essential oils. Our first priority is using certified organic ingredients and we select the best home grown ingredients to make excellent quality products with immediate results for our customers’ satisfaction.

Each lot of natural ingredient has its unique character based on its nature & surrounding where it is planted, when it is harvested, and its processing method. It is essential for us to know the source of our organic ingredients in order to produce the best quality products. Our production process implements good manufacturing practice with a strict quality control from raw material sourcing through to the end of production line.

AusieOlive aromatherapy cream bars take the consumer to a refreshing shower or bath Spa experience. Our olive skincare is formulated with attention to details in order to produce a Spa pampering facial & body care at home.


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