Soothing Body Care Range


1. Move Oil, a rub oil to help the pain away, reduce joints swelling,  nourish improvement.

2. Muscle Oil, a rub oil to relieve cramp, stiff neck, sore back, shoulders, wrists, arms, foot & more.

3. FeelBetter, a rub oil to relieve flu like symptom, stop runny nose, teary eyes caused by allergy to dust, hay fever, add protection, recharge body system.


1. Body Treatment Oil: a rub oil with essential oils to stimulate body system or use as bath oil to  reduce tiredness, nourish dry skin, energize body & mind.

2. Body Slim Beauty Oil: a rub oil with essential oils to tone, brighten, rejuvenate skin, relax body & mind, assist weight reduction with sensible diet.

They're handmade in Australia from Australian grown extra virgin olive oil with essential oils' healing properties and other body care oils. Nut oils are indicated.


FeelBetter Oil


It's a rub oil with essential oils healing properties to relieve runny nose, sneezes, teary eyes related to hay fever, or reduce cold symptom (apply on chest when traveling to add protection). It’s also beneficial for busy person, traveler, senior, one with Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis & after illness. It's absorbent, not greasy, with very nice fresh scent, no nuts oil. 120ml. Gross weight is 160g.

Feedback: a big relief when weather changes, a luxury to breath easy without teary eyes, sneezes, or runny nose. My friend from Australia bought it for me and I like it very much, fantastic aroma, it works, very good for hay-fever & dust allergy, I recover from runny nose & colds quickly, I don't get runny nose in the morning, it's always in my traveling bag, my mum loves it, it's excellent for arthritis and many more.

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Body Treatment Oil


A luxurious body oil to relieve tiredness, stress, stimulate circulatory system, nourish dry skin, recharge body & mind with pampering natural scent. You can have someone to massage on you or apply it yourself after bath/shower. You can use as bath oil, can apply for hair oil treatment too. 120ml glass bottle, gross weight is 350g. No nuts oil.

Feedback: we use after shower to feel great & relax.. I use every day as body oil. I sleep well and feel refreshed in the morning. It smells fantastic and I feel great with it. It's a loving gift for my mum. I use it on scaly dry skin that become as smooth as baby’s and more.

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It's a rub oil with essential oils healing properties, luxuriously pampering, tone & brighten skin naturally. It stimulates circulatory system to support slim body care for weight reduction & sensible diet. Rub along inner legs, thigh, waist, upper arms, tummy until completely absorbed and let the pampering rose oil comfort body & mind. It contains Australian Macadamia oil. Use after shower with Jasmine & Lotus leaf, or Asian Treat or Body Treat olive cleansing bar. It's 120ml glass bottle. Gross weight is 350g.

Feedback: I love it very much. It's excellent. The aroma is divine and my skin looks better and toned. I like to apply in the evening with morning walk just 15 minutes is enough to maintain my shape. I do pilate 3 x a week and use it every evening and I feel great, thanks for this excellent natural product.

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AusieOlive Muscle Oil


All natural rub oil with essential  oils healing properties to relieve sore muscle, shoulders, back, wrists, arms, foot, legs cramp, stiff neck, relax muscle tension, excellent before & after training. Tired body equals to tired muscles, this will help body wear and tear. It's not greasy, doesn't clog skin pore, 120ml, 160g for shipping. Note: Also good after illness, Arthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis, beneficial for ACL recovery (with knee support).

Feedback: it helps my mom after knee operation. Relieving tired legs after all day on high heels, sore ankles & feet. Release legs cramp quickly. I got my strength back with both Move Oil & Muscle Oil and good for back pain. It helps me sleep and relieve back shoulder pain. It's good before and after workout, a miracle oil for me and many more.

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Body Soothing Oils set L


It's a must have trio Soothing Body Oils, at home or when traveling to care for our body naturally, also excellent for prevention, consisting of Move Oil, Muscle Oil and FeelBetter Oil (3x120ml or 495g for freight).

It's all natural fantastic body care, affordable, free from synthetic chemical and helpful daily to help us feel better, away from runny nose, coughing, aches and pains, sore back and more. You can also try a small set first.

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Move Oil


All natural rub oil with essential oils healing properties, to relieve joints pain, sore hips, knees, wrists, fingers, back, reduce stiffness, swelling pain, inflammation. It helps nourish ligaments, stimulate lubricating fluid inside the joints to improve cartilage, more flexible joints reduce flaring. Use before pain degenerates to arthritic one. It's not greasy, doesn't clog skin pores. 125ml, 160g for freight, no nuts oil. Note: helpful for Rheumatoid Arthritis and other Arthritis. Enhance care with Muscle Oil because stronger muscles support better joints & protection. 

Feedback: Use a few drops and move without pain is a luxury!  I apply on my hips, swollen knees, feet and it works! I can move fingers again. I get better every day. It's easy to use, relieve pain immediately. It's not oily & my knees feel better. Reduce painful fingers quickly. My knees are back to normal. I can walk down the street easier, and many more.

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Body Soothing Oils set S


All natural, to alleviate soreness, nourish improvement  with natural healing properties, no synthetic chemical. It consists of Move Oil, Muscle Oil and FeelBetter Oil (3x50ml or 170g for freight). It's a rewarding routine to help us daily away from runny nose, coughing, aches/pains, sore back and more.

A nice set to try or take on travel, they're always in my bag to help us anytime! See individual product description. This is a large set photo, the small set is in similar small white bottle.

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