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7th Dec, 2016

The facts
We are affected everyday by chemicals in the water supply; synthetic or chemical colour, preservative, stabilisers, other synthetics in food, drinks, snacks, just to name a few. We should not add more through our skin, because we need the skin to be in good condition to protect us.

Yet, many pollute their skin with synthetics shower gels, soaps that say natural only by the name, yet include synthetic fragrances, colour, glycol, citric acid and many more. Our skin still takes some of those, even in wash off form. We also colour hair with all sorts of chemicals that may affect our brain later, so what can we do more to suffocate our skin & body daily?

Certain tablets and some synthetics have side effects for our body system, reduce skin protection, prone to irritation, premature ageing, acne, pimples, dull skin, less hair growth or look older than actual age, and the effects are accumulated until the body says no more.

It’s essential to know that many aromatherapy soaps and olive soaps in the market are handcrafted from soap base with synthetics/chemicals that dry out the skin’s natural oil or clogging the pores. Most use fragrant oils or aromatic chemicals of which don’t have healing properties.

We should know that naturally derived ingredients don’t have similar qualities with their original sources and plant base flower or fruit fragrance oils are synthetically made.

All natural, organic Australian olive products with natural wellness
AusieOlive® contains extra virgin olive oil, our major oil or ingredient enriched with a synergy of treatment oils, botanical and pure essential oils to help nourish body & mind naturally. They've natural benefits to help us daily with wear & tears, recovering from health issues & more.

How about starting the day with Jasmine & Lotus leaf olive bar to cleanse, soften skin & recharge body & mind for the tasks ahead. Then continue with facial cleansing to wash off the night treatment & prepare for day moisturising protection before make up (or without). Use FeelBetter Oil to naturally protect us in public area, for very cold or hot day. In the evening you could continue with the same bar or use Seductive Rose to relax with Muscle Oil to relieve tired legs, back and relax.

AusieOlive® has more to offer than just ordinary skincare for all ages. Invest in building better body today for no regret tomorrow.
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