Knowing What To Buy

1st Dec, 2016

The machine-made olive soaps can add only a very small amount of fresh additives to their “soap base” made of naturally derived sources, palm or animal fat, with colours, glycol, citric acid, preservatives, foaming chemicals, softening chemical & more. Less than 3% addition when it concerns olive oil additive.

Common olive soaps can be handcrafted of the above soap base or ready mix as major ingredient, and this method can add a bit more fresh additives where 100% olive oil may refer to the additive, or palm oil & SLS free because the base has them, no need to declare. 100% Olive Castile soap with rich foam is definitely handmade of this soap base, regardless the claim is.

Of course, the above "natural soaps" are not as natural as you thought, they dry out the skin’s natural protection because chemicals suppress the tiny amount of natural oils additive.

There is nothing wrong with any of the above because they serve the purpose what they are made for. You know what is best for you.

Our olive soaps are handmade in Australia from 100% fresh oils, water & lye by traditional cold process. Our major oil is the best Australian grown extra virgin olive oil enriched with synergistic natural treatment oils, botanical & essential oils. As required by our recipes, we may use a tiny bit of sustainable palm oil harvested from certified traditional plantation that exists since a long time ago (copyright AusieOlive).
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