Traditional Cold Process

3rd Dec, 2016

We make many types of Olive soaps to suit your purpose. They are handmade by us by traditional cold process from Australian grown extra virgin olive oil as our main oil, enriched by synergistic blend of body treatment oils, botanicals & essential oils as per our recipes with water & lye.

We enrich our cleansing bars with more body treatment oils, botanicals and essential oils to cleanse our skin gently, improve & protect our skin.

Our shower become a body Spa luxury care at your own comfort, for example we have olive bar to cleanse daily with benefits to reduce complexion, alleviate body fatigue or naturally relax, recharge, and energise body & mind.

Our recipes are full of fresh natural goodness, thus rich in moisture content where we need 2 to 3 months curing time, or more, to allow best completion of natural process to become luxury olive soaps and olive aromatherapy bars.

Please note that Olive soap handmade from 100% extra virgin olive oil has low natural lather, full of olive goodness to cleanse gently with a high cleansing power, beneficial for everyone. It’s the best gentle cleaner to eliminate odour and grease from our hand gently, also very mild to wash jewellery.
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