1st Dec, 2019

AusieOlive® concept has been always organic, all natural with luxury and handmade in Bendigo from the best Australian extra virgin olive oil (our major ingredient). Each formulation is unique and enriched with luxury wellness of beauty treatment oils, botanical ingredients & essential oils that contribute to our wellbeing.

We don't use any soap / cream base because we produce from raw ingredients / oils. We have been making our all natural olive products to use ourselves then extended to friends, relatives & customers. We'll share with you the reason why we are in this business.

AusieOlive® has been started from our own experiences of health issues. One of our family members was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2002. We're blessed with the knowledge to help ourselves with making organic care to complement the medical care. Lise was born in the family who love natural treatment from herbs, spices, roots, plants and flowers. After years of using everything themselves, AusieOlive come to existence.

Our ingredients are listed and you don't need chemical dictionary to understand them. We don't use any pre-made bases, thus our products are organic, free from synthetics such as synthetic fragrances, synthetic preservatives, synthetic colours etc. That also means our products are free of soap, free of gluten, no SLS, no detergent, no mineral oil, free of glycol, free of lanolin, free of animal fat, not tested on animals & they're suitable for vegetarians & vegans (some with beeswax are indicated on product's description).

Q. What is organically produced skincare?
A. Our cold process handmade production method is organic because we don’t use chemical additives and our water is soften and purified with natural process. Our natural enriched formulations are not suitable for mass production because we don’t use chemicals additive, there is no synthetic stabilizers, no chemical hardeners, no synthetic preservatives in our process.

Q. Are your olive soaps halal?
A. Yes, because we produce straight from Victorian extra virgin olive oil and enriched with other luxurious oils. We don't use any soap base, so there is no animal fat contamination.

Q. How could I know that your product is good for me?
A. You need to try to know the difference, but unfortunately we don’t have budget for free samples. So you can try with a small cleansing bar first.

Q. Why do you make so many products?
A. One of the company founders, Barry was diagnosed with a severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. The side effects of his tablets include diabetes, fragile body, skin & hair conditions as well as depression. We begin in 2006 with Trio Body Soothing Oils, Move Oil, Muscle Oil and FeelBetter oil which are very helpful up to now.

Q. Why do we need good olive soaps or aromatherapy cleansing bar?
A. The soaps seem to be the last on the shopping list although it is actually very important for our body, mind & spirit. We can’t find olive soaps for us so we make our own all natural soaps exclusively from olive oil.

Lise has grown up with culture & tradition where personal care is important and she used to be spoiled with a traditional herbal care & Spa treatment. A natural care should be part of our daily routine because it is essential for our skin. We should spoil ourselves daily and care for our body naturally, so it helps to relax and prepare a good sleep.

Q. What is the traditional cold process handmade olive soap?
A. Our olive cleansing bars & olive castile soaps are handmade from oils and olive oil is our major ingredient including the certified organic Victorian harvest extra virgin olive oil. Each unique formulation is enriched with the Spa treatment oils & ingredients as well as botanicals and essential oils. Our traditional method produces cleansing bar rich in plant glycerine, anti-oxidants and wellness to cleanse deeply yet gentle to the skin. After showering with our bar, we feel extra fresh and the skin feels softer, looks brighter. The essential oils have extra wellness for body, mind & spirit.

We need 8 weeks for each bar to be ready to use due to its rich botanical formulation, also to let a complete evaporation of lye for soap making so the bar can last longer & very mild for all skin types e.g. our facial bar can last over 5 months for 1 person. It's a very cost effective for all natural skin cleanser with soothing values for body & mind.

Olive oil is reactive to its environment as well as other beauty treatment oils & essential oils we use, so the mass produced olive soaps can include only a tiny bit of those ingredients. Olive oil has a high un-saponified quality (the part of olive oil that is not changed by saponification process). Hopefully our customers are aware of the time, efforts & costs to make our products and can also benefit their wellness as do.

It’s good for you to know about the product you buy. Please note below:
–Many "natural" olive soaps are mass produced of industrial soap base with a tiny bit of olive oil. Common soap bases are made of palm oil, its derivates, colors, SLS lather, other chemicals or animal fat ("natural soap base is made similarly with a bit of olive pomace oil).
-Olive soaps can be handmade of the above industrial powder or instant soap base, melt and pour, then mix with 100% olive oil (the tiny bit that can be added). The powder itself is made of palm oil or derivatives etc as above so this olive oil soap has SLS chemical lather. This instant method is common as it keeps the scent of essential oils very well although their benefits are over powered by chemicals. The mixing recipe is supplied with the soap base. The cost is variable and it can be cheap, olive soaps are ready to use within days. They look like colored square bars or cakes with fruits or flowers aroma or essential oils. We don't want them and now you know what’s best for you.

Q. My skin feels so dry. Which soap/cleansing bar I need to use?
A. Our cleansing bar is for the skin treatment to cleanse, help protect your body & mind with natural wellness. Any of our cleansing bars is good for dry skin. Look at each bar's natural wellness to decide what skin cleansing treat you like. Please note, water treatment chemicals dry out the skin natural oil too, so you need to lock up the skin moisture with nourishing body moisturizer. We notice in some area where the water is so good, you don’t need to moisturize your body so often because our cleansing bar is rich in natural glycerin. Also by nature olive oil attracts moisture from its surrounding of which is excellent for the skin. Applying body cream 3 times per week should help nourish your skin to feel velvety daily.

Q. I wonder if your olive products are oily for my skin.
A. Not at all, extra virgin olive oil is like a juice of olive fruits, as It's obtained with cold pressing without chemicals. It will improve and help to balance your oily skin condition back to normal. When the skin is too oily or too dry, both conditions can be a reaction to what has been applied on your skin before. Olive oil is the best facial oil with rejuvenating substances which are good for skin improvement The botanical ingredients & soothing essential oils in our products are beneficial for all skin types, with a bonus wellness for body & mind.

Q. How long will it take to notice improvement?
A. You should notice the difference almost immediately. It would take a bit of time before the skin problem appears to the surface, whether it is wrinkle, acne, or eczema. So the body needs time and help to repair such problem. A green life style with more vegetables & fruits is helpful. Our Body Soothing Oils for Arthritis gives immediate relief too.

Q. My skin is ok, not too bad, how do I choose your olive soap or cleansing bar?
A. We design our cleansing bar to accommodate various individual needs, so you can cleanse your body with the Spa wellness to release & reduce the stress level, relax your body, recharge your mind.

Q. I’m confused with so many products, help me please.
A. It’s very simple to select our products and they come with directions to apply & you will soon know the complete system. You’re the best to know the condition of your skin, based on age and how well you look after it. You can always pick up the phone and ask or send us an email. We indicate product selection by range of products & application that makes it easier to shop.

Q. My skin is sensitive and I have no idea what to use on my face.
A. AusieOlive is for all skin types including sensitive skin and baby. The basic principle of a facial care for everyone including the one with acne is to cleanse the face 2x per day, morning and evening without exception. During the day we need a moisturizer to add facial moisture & its protection so we don’t get the signs of premature ageing such as lines, spots of which can be accelerated by cold & dry environment. We should not forget the body skin and our hand also indicates how well we look after our skin. You can help your body & revive its beauty skin glow with a simple set that includes a night treatment to recover from the environmental stress and help nourish the skin renewal.

Q. What is the simple way to look after my facial skin?
A. It’s like counting from 1 to 3 in order to get the best looking facial skin as below
• Revive your skin & beautiful mind in the morning with our cleansing bar or the liquid cleanser of your choice.
• Pamper your face & energize your mind with our moisturizer to keep the skin moisture and add its daily protection, then you can apply make up or without make up.
• Release the environmental stress with evening facial cleansing and pamper your skin beauty with evening treatment such as night serum or night cream to help nourish skin when you are sleeping and don’t forget to wash it off in the morning. Then repeat the sequence as above. It’s easy and rewarding with our method. When you want more just ask us or refer to our leaflet or booklet.

Q. I am allergic to nuts, how could I select your product?
A. Nuts oil content is indicated on our product description. Please see product description for "no nuts oil" and for those with sensitivity to palm oil we indicate "no palm oil". We use a small quantity of green sustainable Palm oil to add texture.

Q. I am a vegetarian / vegan and also I wish to know which one is the halal skincare?
A. Our products are good for vegetarian, vegan & halal. There are only 2 creams & lip balms with beeswax content and they are indicated.

Q. I am not sure about your postal charge please?
A. We subsidize the freight to assist our on-line customers. The flat rate for freight is only for Australian shoppers. International shoppers need to contact us for the best freight to send their orders.

Bendigo area: can also collect the order from our showroom. Visitors: can visit our showroom and shop. Or can also order on-line and collect.

Our showroom in Bendigo is opened daily by appointment in order to provide the best service to customers.

Wholesale: please ask our special freight for a bulk order.

Q. Why do we use essential oils?
A. We don't use synthetic fragrances. We exclusively use Essential Oils for their therapeutic values, subtle and gentle aroma that refresh you and soothe your mind. When you shower with our cleansing bars that include essential oils, their subtle aroma is enough to recharge and invigorate your body & mind. When you use our moisturizer you feel their comfort on your skin.

Synthetic Fragrances (fragrant oils) are produced to copy the scent of plants, flowers, fruits, cakes and other imaginative scents. They’re petroleum based, where Phthalates are used to enhance the lasting fragrant that stays around. They may satisfy to the demand for strong aroma however, findings indicate that Phthalates in synthetic fragrances may confuse our metabolism as when we're exhausted our immune system is weak too. So it can deplete the natural skin protection, skin irritation, rash, dermatitis, premature ageing & headache. Especially infant and baby are at a higher risk to phthalates exposure because their body immune system is not strong enough. We should be more selective for our own protection.

Q. Why we don't use parabens?
A. Our production method includes organic bio-soft water, sanitizing measures & sterilizing equipment. We use herbal blend, plant extract and essential oils to preserve our products.

We don't use paraben synthetic preservatives (Methyl, Propyl, Butyl and Ethyl), because findings said they may disturb our body hormonal balance – which is a high cost to pay for being able to dip fingers in cream or expose products to heat, so we don't use them.

Q. Why we don't use Tetrasodium EDTA?
A. Anything we put on our skin will be absorbed by the body and we don’t use EDTA which is a product enhancer, preservative and improve stability. The powder detergent may use it and if they are not dissolved properly with hot water, it will dry in-between fibers and may cause itchiness. EDTA makes a hard soap, keeps synthetic color to stay blue, red or yellow and enhance the lather. It is also used to prevent clogging industrial boilers. We better avoid it especially when you try to heal your skin from dermatitis, psoriasis or eczema. AusieOlive is EDTA free. Precaution is the best way to save money.

Q. Why we need to stay away from artificial or synthetic coloring?
A. Synthetic & food coloring are often used in soaps & body care. It's confusing to detect the ones at greater risk to us. We don't use them because our skin needs a gentle care to protect its natural oil. AusieOlive handmade Olive soaps are free from synthetic coloring.

We have been made aware that the following food colors are banned in a number of countries as they may cause hormone disruption, immune system suppression, hyper activity, excessive appetite or addiction (may cause over weight).
Quinoline yellow (E104) - Food coloring
Sunset yellow (E110) - used in squashes
Carmoisine (E122) - Red coloring in jellies
Ponceau 4R (E124) - Red coloring
Allura red AC (E129) - Orange/red food dye
Tartrazine (E102) - Yellow often used in lollies, snacks, drinks (FD&C Yellow No.5) that may cause allergic & intolerance reactions including anxiety, migraines, depression, blurred vision, itching, heat waves, purple skin patches, sleep disturbance.

Q. Do you use Propylene Glycol (PEG)?
A. NO, our product is PEG free. We're aware of some findings that indicate it may cause allergic reaction, eyes irritation, also has been linked to liver & kidney problems. It's often included as humectant in body care & soaps.

We don't use it because extra virgin olive oil in AusieOlive products is a natural humectant, adds moisture to skin and soften skin complexion.

Q. Do you use Sodium Lauryl sulphate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS)
A. No, we don’t use SLS. AusieOlive is SLS free.

We know it can cause allergic reaction, wash off skin natural protection, or cause rashes, hair loss, scalp problem. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or sulfate (SLS) is very useful for industrial application to wash the grease, dirt & grime of truck, heavy equipment and machinery. But many use it in soaps, shampoos and body care to make lather or foam. You should check the ingredient list.

Q. Do you use mineral oil?
A. AusieOlive is free from mineral oils.
Mineral oils are by products of petroleum industry. They are more useful for industrial application rather than body care although some may use them for baby oil and massage oil. They may clog the skin pores and cause allergic reaction likes acne, pimples, blackheads & white heads.

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