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5th Dec, 2016

We believe our body responds best to all natural care. Our olive products are affordable, all natural body Spa care for body & mind to support our wellbeing.  Daily care is important & essential to relax, recharge & energise body & mind. Our products help a big saving as you may reduce frequent visits to Day Spa.

AusieOlive® is our solution to look after body & mind without breaking monthly budget for beneficial natural care that works, less cosmetics spending to hide messy skin underneath. Our Olive facial & body care is excellent for all skin types, really beneficial for skin natural improvement & protection.

It’s easy to select as per your requirement to treat body & mind, for example you are very tired after work and wish to relax, soften skin, select Treat Rose or Seductive Rose from Comfort and Treat ranges. You can always ask us to assist you. Here is some idea.

Busy person: Shower: Coffee/chocolate lovers from Comfort range, Sky or Aroma Fantasy from Treat range; Body treatment Oil of Body Soothing oil will be a good choice for body moisturising; Muscle Oil of Body Soothing oil is a good treat for your feet after a long day at work or on high heels.

New Mom: Rose Treat to shower, Fresh Facial Delight to cleanse face, Cream of Roses to protect your facial skin daily and feed your face at night with Night Beauty of Roses.

Seniors: any of bars of Castile range to avoid blotchy skin + FeelBetter Oil of Body Soothing Oil

Baby care: Baby Castile with Jojoba + Baby Bliss for new born care; Bear Bubbles of Care range + Baby Bliss to relax during travel.

Simple beauty care: Bright Delight for facial cleansing, Beauty Cream of Lotus for day facial moisturising protection and can use Silver Night Nourishing Serum for night care when the skin is dry.

Medical condition: when visiting a friend or family member who is not feeling well, just select any bars from of Castile with Essential Oils or Comforting range + FeelBetter Oil, daily soothing care appreciated by anyone.

Arthritis: Olive Purifying Sauna of Country range + Trio Body Soothing Oils

Travelers: Fresh Facial Delight, Trio Body Soothing Oils, Mango Salsa & Country Rose, and Hair Shampoo. Beauty Cream of Lotus for day and night facial care. It’s easy.

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