Olive Oil & Essential Oils Wellness

7th Dec, 2016

Essential oils, natural sources of youth contributing to our wellbeing

Each essential oil has amazing healing properties that exist naturally in the plant to survive various conditions in the wild. Australian native essential oils have precious healing benefits and the other essential oils have been used by local traditional healing practitioners for centuries.


Each essential oil is a fountain of youth with magical, soothing aroma & unique natural healing properties to help improve, rejuvenate & recharge our body, skin and mind.

These natural perfuming liquids are extracted from flower petals such as roses (that needs thousands flowers to produce a small amount of liquid), leaves e.g. Eucalyptus, Bay, woods e.g. Sandalwood, or bark e.g. Cinnamon (it is also obtained from leaves), fruits e.g. Lemon, orange, seeds e.g. Caraway, roots, rhizomes or resin.

Extra Virgin Olive oil, fresh & full of goodness
We are strategically located in Bendigo, central Victoria very close to the area where olive trees grow well with similar climatic condition to Mediterranean region. Fresh, good quality Extra Virgin Olive oil is essential for us. We use olive oils from eco-sustainable farming to obtain the best quality assurance for freshness.

Extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the first cold pressing, without chemicals, a fruity oil, green gold colour. It contains essential fatty acids required by the body, rich in antioxidants & vitamins including a high level of vitamin E. It has Chlorophyll, plant Squalene with moisturizing & anti-ageing benefits for skin regeneration, rejuvenation, prevent premature ageing & diminish wrinkles.


Studies indicate that a consumption of olive oil may facilitate detoxification that helps prevent from certain diseases including cancer.


Olive specialty product ranges support sustainable living.
Essential oils Spa wellness stays till the last bit of our bars. Our creams and other products are handmade from beneficial ingredients and essential oils to help naturally nourish our skin, help stimulate body & mind. We select essential oils with respect to their safety guideline and benefits to our sustainability.


One of AusieOlive® founders has been introduced to Asian herbs, roots, spices & traditional herbal healing since her childhood. She initially makes products to help herself and her family then extended to friends and customers because they have been proven to be very helpful for them too.
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